(re)opening tomorrow!

in an urban environment, the bicycle is no longer just another mode of transportation; it is an icon of social responsibility. those of us who commute in the city are aware of the bicycle's changing significance and rising popularity. with every revolution of the wheel, cyclists embody a growing movement towards sustainability. now, more than ever, people are choosing to trade in their seat belts for helmets, and embracing this responsibility.

(re)cycle green(er) is a progressive storefront installation exemplifying the ecologistics of six bicycle builders, who have reinterpreted this icon in an environmentally responsive way. functional art is achieved through a collage of components, once donated or disposed of, then reconstructed and reassembled by local (re)cyclists. second-hand frames become the canvas for the hyperbolic extensions of cycling green. through the process of reduction and renewal, each bicycle is resurrected as an icon of self-expression.

the biconography in this installation is set on a major artery in the city to raise awareness, not only for cycling, but for the inherent sustainability of (re)cycling. (re)cycle green(er) is visible 24/7 in the showPODs of pilsen east through june 4th. these are located in the 1800 block of s. halsted st. in chicago.

an opening reception will be held tomorrow at 1900 s. halsted st. on friday, may 14th, in conjunction with the monthly 2nd fridays event. featured (re)cyclists will be on hand to share their vision and process in the (re)creation of these six unique bicycles. the installation is made possible by podmajersky, inc. and the chicago arts district to demonstrate that the most efficient form of human transportation can be even green(er)!

peroni beer, burkes beverages, & ristorante al teatro are proud to co-sponsor this event along with izze and southern beverage. new accessories by organic bikes will be raffled off at the opening.

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